“Hopalong Jughaid” Is Hot Off Th’ Press!

Charlton Spotlight Editor, Michael Ambrose, checking out the "Hopalong Jughaid" comic book story in Charlton Spotlight #9.

Charlton Spotlight Editor, Michael Ambrose, checking out the “Hopalong Jughaid” comic book story in Charlton Spotlight #9.

I am happy to announce that “Hopalong Jughaid,” the first Snuffy Smith comic book story since the 1970’s is hot off the press and available for shipping today!  As I have mentioned in this blog before, this is the first Snuffy Smith comic book story in America in 45 years. I was so honored when asked by Michael Ambrose, Charlton Spotlight Editor, to write a new 10-page Snuffy Smith comic book story for Charlton Spotlight #9!  It was a really fun story to write and draw and, as you can sense from the title, it centers around Snuffy’s nephew, Jughaid.  But Snuffy is in the story, too, as are many of your favorite characters from Hootin’ Holler, including Miz Prunelly, Ol’ Snort, Spark Plug and many, many more!  I’d also like to thank King Features Editor, Brendan Burford, for his invaluable help with this project and Donnie Pitchford, Charlton Spotlight Colorist, who did an excellent job vibrantly coloring my story and helping bring my black and white drawings to life.

There are other interesting features inside Charlton Spotlight #9 including a full-length sit-down with Will Franz! The Charlton war comics writer discusses working with artist Sam Glanzman, fellow writer Joe Gill, and editors Dick Giordano, Sal Gentile, and George Wildman during his short but seminal Charlton career. Plus, a brand-new  Atomic Rabbit comic book story by George Wildman!

You can order your copy now at http://charltonspotlight.net/ or you can ask your local comic book shop to order it for you through Diamond Comic Distributors.  It should also be in comic book shops the week after Christmas or so.

So hop to it and get your copy of “Hopalong Jughaid” by ordering Charlton Spotlight #9 today!


2 thoughts on ““Hopalong Jughaid” Is Hot Off Th’ Press!

  1. I was honored to work on this new issue of “Charlton Spotlight,” and am looking forward to receiving mine soon! Mike Ambrose told me this is the best printed quality of any of his previous publications, and he is totally excited about the product. Thanks, John Rose, and King Features, for allowing us to bring Snuffy and Jughaid back to comic books!

    • Thank you, Donnie! I was honored to be in the issue with you, too! And your coloring of my story, as well as the others, is bodacious!

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