Snuffy’s Paw!


Some characters I have brought back to the comic strip after very long absences are: Barney Google (top left), Snuffy’s Maw (top right), Bizzy Buzz Buzz (bottom left) and Granny Creeps (bottom right).

Over the many years that I have been the cartoonist for the Barney Google and Snuffy Smith comic strip, I have enjoyed bringing back characters to the comic strip that haven’t appeared in a very long time. This comic strip has such a long, rich history that it’s a lot of fun to look through vintage strips for characters to bring back for either short visits or as recurring characters.

One of the comic strips I saw in the Fall of 2017 that featured Snuffy’s Paw.

Such is the case for the visit this week by Snuffy’s Paw.  While looking through some vintage Barney Google and Snuffy Smith comic strips in the Fall of 2017, I came across the strip (above) from 1948 that featured Snuffy’s Paw.  He was in the strip for many years, but then phased out.  I am not exactly sure when he disappeared, but I am guessing it was in the 1980’s or so.

Many years ago I brought back Snuffy’s Maw and she has become a recurring character that many readers enjoy.  So I thought it would be a lot of fun to bring back Snuffy’s Paw! His visit starts today, February 19th and continues through Sunday, February 25th. I hope you enjoy the story we created as a way to reintroduce him to readers of our comic strip.  Will this be a one-time visit, or will he become an occasional or recurring character?  Who knows? But this sure was a fun week to create!  I I hope you enjoy it!


6 thoughts on “Snuffy’s Paw!

  1. I have an old (1950s) pinback button with a Snuffy Smith character that I cannot identify, and Lord knows I have tried. She is older, overweight, wears a bonnet held in place with a polka dot scarf and has visible teeth. I think she is the only character I have seen from this strip who has teeth. Someone once mentioned the name Miz Ledbetter but I cannot find a picture to verify it. Will you help me? Please!

    • It is hard to say without seeing it, David. But I think you may have a button with Snuffy’s Maw on it. She is most often referred to as Maw Smith, although her real first name is Meddlin. But I can’t be sure without seeing a picture of the pin. There is also a Miz Ledbetter which is a possibility. Here is a link to a blog post I did about a Snuffy Smith sales kit from the 1960’s. It shows some of the main characters from that time. See if that helps you.

      • This series of tin litho buttons was distributed via penny gum ball machines back in 1958. There are 40 KFS characters represented. The series is virtually unknown due to the fact that the buttons are not marked with the character names: in fact the only marking is a small “c”, apparently meaning Copyright. Of the 40 I own 28 and have pictures of 9 more. I believe that at least 8 of the forty have Snuffy Smith characters. I would be happy to send a picture if you will tell me how to do it.

        • Sure! Just take a photo of it and send me an email at the following address:
          Be sure to put “Attention Snuffy Smith Cartoonist John Rose” in the subject line. It may take a few days, but King Features Syndicate will forward it to me. Thank you!

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