Tater In Vietnam!


Snuffy Smith fan and Vietnam Veteran, John Stuart, recently sent me this photo taken years ago. The pilot was calling the crew aboard their EC-47 aircraft which was nicknamed Ole Tater after Tater in our comic strip!  There is even an illustration of Tater on the plane.  Thank you for this photo, John, and thank you also for your service to our country!



2 thoughts on “Tater In Vietnam!

  1. To me, one of the exciting things about life is the fact that you never know how many lives you touch without ever coming into physical contact. The photo above shows how a comic strip can so touch peoples lives that the sight of it in a strange land and circumstance can offer comfort and a smile…all difficult things to come by in a place like Vietnam. Most of the time you never see a reward like this or even think about it as you go about your day. However, rest assured it is there as we are all here for a reason.

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