Snuffy Smith Chalk Talk To Ruritans!

Club member, Mike Liskey, enjoys reading my book Snuffy Smith In His Sunday Best which he won in a prize drawing after my presentation.

This past week I was invited to give a Snuffy Smith Chalk Talk presentation to the West Rockingham Ruritan Club in western Rockingham County, Virginia. They are a great group of civic-minded individuals who do a lot for their community. Here are a few photos from that wonderful evening.  If you are interested in booking me to speak at a civic club meeting like this, please go to the Contact button on my website and send me an email.  We’ll have a fun time!

Bodacious Christmas Wishes From Norway!

The 2018 cover for our Snuffy Smith Christmas Comic Book for our readers in Norway. This year’s cover is full of action and was a lot of fun to draw!

The Barney Google and Snuffy Smith comic strip is translated into many different languages including Swedish, Danish and Norwegian. I have written in this blog before that every year we create a special Snuffy Smith Christmas Comic Book for our readers in Norway. I may call it a Snuffy Smith Christmas Comic Book, but in Norway it is called a Snøfte Smith Julehefte. The fine folks at King Features team up with the fine folks at Egmont Kids Media to create this publication. I am very thankful to get to work on this every year. I hope you enjoy seeing the cover–it was a fun one to create! I can’t wait to start working on next year’s book!