Snuffy Smif Goes MAD!

As someone who grew up reading MAD Magazine, I was thrilled when I saw this issue recently!

As a kid reading MAD, I never thought that a cartoon character I drew would ever be parodied in the hilarious pages of the iconic magazine. But, imagine my surprise when I was reading this double-page spread on Duck Dynasty, bodaciously illustrated by MAD artist Tom Bunk

Merry Chrismis From Snuffy an’ th’ Gang!!

Years ago, I read Mort Walker’s wonderful book, “Backstage At The Strips.” It is a truly inspiring book for anyone who wants to be a cartoonist! There’s a really fun section midway through the book about cartoonists designing their own family Christmas Cards. I have been designing our Rose family card for at least 25 years (my wife and I celebrated our 25th anniversary this year!) now and truly enjoy doing it every year. Above is this year’s family card. Not only is it fun as a cartoonist to create your own card, but it’s also fun to receive other cartoonist’s cards! I literally laugh out loud at many of them!

Snuffy Smif an’ Duck Dynasty!

Snuffy Smith DD

It is no secret to those that know me that, along with millions of people all around the world, Duck Dynasty is one of my favorite shows on television. Not only do the cast members make me laugh, but I believe in the importance of many of the same things they do–faith, family and the outdoors. Earlier this year, I featured four of the Duck Dynasty cast members in my strip (see above). Even though there’s only one TV in Hootin’ Holler, I figured Duck Dynasty is definitely a show that Snuffy an’ th’ gang would gather around and watch faithfully every Wednesday night! As you can imagine, it was bodaciously fun for me to create!