Do You Need A Bodaciously Entertaining Speaker for Your School, Library, Meeting or Event?

DrawingOlBulletJohn Rose, cartoonist of the King Features’ Barney Google and Snuffy Smith comic strip, provides fun presentations to groups of all ages!  Whether the group is big or small, Rose enjoys meeting Snuffy Smith fans and entertaining them with his Chalk Talks. In a Chalk Talk presentation, he shows samples of his work, talks about the rich history of the Barney Google and Snuffy Smith comic strip and draws the strip’s most popular characters for the audience.  He also has a program geared specifically for children where he teaches them how to draw cartoons!  He has spoken to school groups, libraries, retirement communities, clubs, events, at festivals and on radio and television, as well.

To book a Snuffy Smith Chalk Talk speaking engagement, or for more information, email John!

Drawing Jug

“John Rose is a pure delight to have in a school assembly.  Not only does he involve students in drawing along as he does, but as an adult you will find yourself drawing along too.  John tells the long history of the Snuffy Smith story as well as how he became a cartoonist.  His easy manner with the children creates an effective learning environment.”
Steven T. Jackson
Sumner Academy
Gallatin, Tennessee

“The Snuffy Smith programs for our Lions Club events presented by John Rose have been the most  entertaining of all of our programs.  I am planning on going to Lions District A in October to see another one.  To see  Snuffy Smith and Loweezy and Tater come to life before my eyes is fabulous! “
Priscilla Hall
Lions Club of Virginia
Member and Officer