The first book signing for SNUFFY SMITH IN HIS SUNDAY BEST.

The Daily News-Record newspaper in Harrisonburg, Virginia hosted the very first book signing for my brand new SNUFFY SMITH book collection, THE BODACIOUS BEST OF SNUFFY SMITH.  Bodacious thanks to the newspaper and to all the people that showed up.  If you work in a book store and would like to host a book signing, please click the CONTACT button on this website and email me and let us know.  Or, if you would like to order a copy of the new book you can do it here at and here at

King Features Announces the Publication of SNUFFY SMITH IN HIS SUNDAY BEST The Third Snuffy Smith Anthology by John Rose

The book cover for the brand new SNUFFY SMITH Sunday Comics Treasury.

This is the third bodacious collection of King Features’ popular, long-running BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH comic strip by John Rose. In this 200-page volume, Rose selects his favorite Sunday comic strips from 2004-2017. Back cover text was written by Marcus Hamilton and Ron Ferdinand, cartoonists for the DENNIS THE MENACE comic strip.

Balls O’ Fire! Thar’s A NEW Snuffy Smith Book!

Snuffy Balls Of Fire Cover Blog

The cover of our new Snuffy Smith book collection, available for sale on

That’s right, Snuffy Smith fans, we have a NEW book!  King Features just announced the publication of my second bodacious collection of Barney Google and Snuffy Smith comic strips! In this volume, I selected more than 350 of my favorite comic strips from 2013-2015. This edition also features back cover text written by the wonderful Willie and Korie Robertson of the popular TV show, Duck Dynasty.