Snuffy An’ Other Comic Strips Durin’ WWII

Inking a panel from this year’s Veterans Day Barney Google And Snuffy Smith comic strip.  Since Snuffy was fictionally in the United States Army, I try to create a Veterans Day-themed comic strip each year.

Ironically, a few weeks ago (around the time I was working on my Snuffy Smith comic strip for this coming Veterans Day, above) I was contacted by one of my editors at King Features, Jennifer Beck.  She said a friend of hers was writing an article for TESTED about comics during World War II and they would like some information from me since Snuffy Smith was in the military.  I was very honored and happy to help.

Snuffy’s Gone Fishin’!

Just like Snuffy, I really enjoy freshwater fishing in the spring and summer. So today I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my favorite Snuffy Smith comic strips about fishing.

This particular strip ran on election day.

Even Barney Google likes to fish!