Barney Google’s Long Visit!

Barney Google and Spark Plug!

Barney Google and Spark Plug will be visiting the comic strip from November 15-29, 2015.

If you read my Barney Google and Snuffy Smith comic strip regularly, you know that for the last several years I have brought Barney Google and Spark Plug back for week long visits. Usually twice each year, one week in the spring/summer and one week in the fall/winter. Barney and Spark Plug visited earlier this year for a week in early June, but if you enjoy their visits, I have a special treat for you!

Barney Google Visits!

Barney Google and his trusty sidekick, Spark Plug, return to Hootin’ Holler for another visit, taking place from June 1-7, 2015. During this visit, Barney Google considers settling down and buying a place in Hootin’ Holler, but Snuffy Smith will believe it when he sees it!  I hope you enjoy this series!  It’s always fun to have Barney and Spark Plug back!