Ties Fit For A King!

Some of my King Features neckties.

I own a lot of cartoon neckties! I don’t wear ties that often, but when I have to wear a tie, I feel it should be a fun tie! Most of my ties feature my favorite cartoon characters.  I have Disney, Warner Brothers, Hanna Barbera and Peanuts themed ties, just to mention a few. Above are four neckties that are very special to me. They all feature King Features characters. From the left you see ties that feature Snuffy Smith, Betty Boop, Blondie and Dagwood and Snuffy again. This is probably no surprise, but I find most of my ties on eBay and Amazon, and at Goodwill stores!

Bodacious Thanks, Blondie!!

The Blondie Sunday Page from October, 25, 2015.

The Blondie Sunday Page from October, 25, 2015.

Snuffy appears in the second panel drinking punch with Prince Valiant.

Snuffy appears in the second panel drinking punch with Prince Valiant at the Bumstead’s Halloween party.

On October 25th, Dean Young and John Marshall created one of the most beautifully crafted Sunday pages I’ve ever seen!  I was so incredibly impressed when I saw the Halloween-themed strip that day, first in my local paper, and then again on Comics Kingdom!  Wow!  It was amazing, both in art and text!  What a great idea!  So, imagine my total surprise when earlier this week I opened my front door to see a package delivered from my mailman.  What was inside?!  A gorgeous full-color signed print of this Blondie Sunday Page!  Thank you so much Dean and John…it just goes to show, the bigger they are, the kinder they are!  I was truly honored they thought of Snuffy and me.

Studio Wall Art!!

One wall in my studio.

A portion of one wall in my studio.

In previous posts, I have shown you photos of different items in my studio.  This is a portion of a wall in my studio which is just to my left when I am at my drawing table.  It is filled with cartoon art by lots of talented friends of mine and provides me with inspiration daily.