Snuffy and Popeye!!

Our daughter, Sarah, with her Popeye Classic Comics #55 variant cover.

Snuffy Smith and Popeye?! Well, okay, not exactly…but sort of…  

You see, our daughter Sarah, a senior graphic design major at James Madison University created the variant cover art for the Popeye Classic Comics #55 comic book!  Sarah has been a Popeye fan ever since she was a small child.  Congratulations to Sarah and many thanks to Craig Yoe at Yoe Comics and IDW for selecting her wonderful illustration for the cover!

Bodaciously Big Comic Book News!

Charlton Spotlight #9 Cover, featuring a new original Snuffy Smith comic book story by me!

Charlton Spotlight #9 Cover, featuring an all-new, original Snuffy Smith comic book story that I wrote and illustrated  This is the first “Snuffy Smith” comic book story in 45 years!

Great balls o’ fire! I’ve been holding this under wraps for awhile and now I am so happy to finally announce the first brand-new “Snuffy Smith” comic book story in 45 years! Longtime fans of the strip may remember that many years ago, Snuffy also appeared in comic book form with a few different comic book publishers.  The last time our pals from Hootin’ Holler were in an American comic book was in the 1970’s when Snuffy had his own comic book with Charlton Comics.  This ran for for many issues.  I remember reading some of these as a child and thoroughly enjoying every page.