Snuffy Smith Comic Strip Crossovers!

I have mentioned before in this blog how much I enjoy comic strip crossovers! They are so fun to read and even more fun to create.  Here are a few recent ones I’ve seen that featured Snuffy Smith and family.

This bee-yoo-ti-ful December, 2016 Hi and Lois Sunday comic strip featued many cartoon character crossovers, including Jughaid Smith (and Snuffy’s leg) in the fifth panel!  How many other crossover characters can you spot in this great strip by the talented creative team at the Hi and Lois comic strip?


Recent Comic Strip Crossovers!!

I have mentioned in this Bodacious Blog before that I really enjoy comic strip crossovers!  In fact, I have even shown a few.  In the last six months or so Snuffy Smith has been involved in a few of these crossovers. I’ll share some of those with you today and let you know that even more are coming up later in October and November!  What fun!

Nancy and Sluggo and…Snuffy!

On Halloween evening, once all the trick-or-treating was done, I sat down at the computer to read my favorite comics on the web. I had already read the comics in my local newspaper that morning, but as you can imagine, as a cartoonist, I read a lot of comics daily and I had not yet read my favorites from the internet.