!968 Snuffy Smith Sales Kit!

The fun cover of the sales kit brochure.

A bodacious recent eBay find of mine is this 1968 Snuffy Smith Sales Brochure!  It would have been part of a sales kit that King Features Syndicate mailed out to newspapers or gave to newspaper editors personally in 1968 to encourage them to purchase the comic strip.

Snuffy an’ Loweezy Christmas Ornaments!

Loweezy and Snuffy Old Time Milk Glass Christmas Light Ornaments.

Two exciting recent Ebay finds for me are these Old Time “Milk Glass” Christmas Light Ornaments of Snuffy Smith and Loweezy Smith! Hand made by Barclay, these bulb covers act two ways: They come with a standard style crown cap and loop, so you can hang them like regular Christmas tree ornaments. Or, if you prefer to make them glow with all the realism of an antique bulb, simply slip them onto any “midget” type light string, and they’ll softly glow.  They look great on a tree, but I use them as permanent fixtures in my studio year round!