Snuffy Smith Comic Strip Crossovers!

I have mentioned before in this blog how much I enjoy comic strip crossovers! They are so fun to read and even more fun to create.  Here are a few recent ones I’ve seen that featured Snuffy Smith and family.

This bee-yoo-ti-ful December, 2016 Hi and Lois Sunday comic strip featued many cartoon character crossovers, including Jughaid Smith (and Snuffy’s leg) in the fifth panel!  How many other crossover characters can you spot in this great strip by the talented creative team at the Hi and Lois comic strip?


Studio Wall Art!!

One wall in my studio.

A portion of one wall in my studio.

In previous posts, I have shown you photos of different items in my studio.  This is a portion of a wall in my studio which is just to my left when I am at my drawing table.  It is filled with cartoon art by lots of talented friends of mine and provides me with inspiration daily.

What I Read On My Summer Vacation…

The new Popeye Collection by Bobby London, E-Man by Nicholas Cuti and Joe Staton and Uncle Scrooge: Only A Poor Old Man by Carl Barks.

The new Popeye Volume One collection by Bobby London, E-Man: The Early Years by Nicola Cuti and Joe Staton and Uncle Scrooge: Only A Poor Old Man by Carl Barks.  All three of these books are really terrific!

I recently took a summer vacation to the beach with my family and it rained most of the time. Good thing I brought along some good books to read! What does this cartoonist read on vacation? Other cartoonists’ books collections! I read these three collections shown above and when I returned home I had the new Nancy book collection by Guy Gilchrist waiting for me in the mail, so now I’ve started that one, as well!