A Bodacious Meeting!

I am a member of the Southeast Chapter of the National Cartoonists Society. Each year, generally in the Fall, we have a meeting in a selected city in the southeastern United States. This past weekend we had our meeting in Greenville, SC. Here are a few photos of the annual meeting:

Our leader, James "Doodle" Lyle, kicks of the meeting Saturday morning.  Doodle works in the field of comic books.

Our leader, James “Doodle” Lyle (Comic Books), kicks off the meeting Saturday morning. A meeting of cartoonists in the south comes complete with Moon Pies for all! 


Mr. Snuffy Goes To Washin’ton!!

My wife Karen and I had a great time at the NCS Reubens Weekend in Washington, DC!  One weekend each year, the National Cartoonists’ Society descends on a different city, and it’s fun to visit and hang out with my fellow cartoonist friends!  Not only did everyone in attendance celebrate the Reuben Award Winners, but we also celebrated the 100th Anniversary of King Features, an incredible milestone!  Here are  some photos of the weekend: