Ties Fit For A King!

Some of my King Features neckties.

I own a lot of cartoon neckties! I don’t wear ties that often, but when I have to wear a tie, I feel it should be a fun tie! Most of my ties feature my favorite cartoon characters.  I have Disney, Warner Brothers, Hanna Barbera and Peanuts themed ties, just to mention a few. Above are four neckties that are very special to me. They all feature King Features characters. From the left you see ties that feature Snuffy Smith, Betty Boop, Blondie and Dagwood and Snuffy again. This is probably no surprise, but I find most of my ties on eBay and Amazon, and at Goodwill stores!

A Big Texas Thank You To Th’ Fort Worth Star Telegram!

Part of a page from the Sunday Comics section I was reading in the Star Telegram while waiting in the Dallas Love Field Airport.

I’ve been a professional cartoonist for many years now and I still get a kick out of visiting a city for the first time and seeing my comic strip in their local newspaper.  It always makes me smile!  Whenever we travel, my wife will tell you that I stop and pick up newspapers along the way and check out their comics section looking for Snuffy.  I know that wherever I go I can always read Snuffy online, but there’s still something special to me about seeing my comic strip in the newspaper–and there always will be.  So, needless to say, just recently on quick trip to the Dallas, TX area for the first time, I bought a newspaper to read in the airport while waiting for my flight.  I was so happy to open the Sunday Comics section of the Fort Worth Star Telegram and see my ol’ pal Snuffy looking back at me!  They say everything’s bigger in Texas and when I saw Snuffy in their comics section, my smile sure was!  Thank you, Fort Worth Star Telegram!