Those Bodacious Barlows!

Everyone knows that the most famous residents of Hootin’ Holler are the Smith family.  But, there are several other families that also just show up from time to time.  For example, sometimes we’ll see walk-on characters from the Hawkins or Ledbetter families.  But as I was drawing a strip this week that featured Snuffy’s enemy, Hank Barlow, I began to think that, over the years, there have been many, many different characters from the Barlow family.  In fact, they have to be the strip’s most popular walk-on characters.  Today I thought we’d look back at some of the bodacious Barlows that have shown up over the years…

Bizzy Buzz Buzz


Longtime readers of the Barney Google and Snuffy Smith comic strip will notice the reappearance of a seldom seen character this week, the cute little moppet named Bizzy Buzz Buzz. She hasn’t been in the strip since 1964, so I thought she was long overdue to make an appearance!

Several years ago a fellow cartoonist mentioned Bizzy Buzz Buzz to me and asked if I had ever thought of having her visit the strip again.  So I made note of that and let the idea sit in my sketchbook.  Time passed and then in March of this year, the Comics Kingdom Archivist wrote a wonderful piece about the Smith Family in his blog and mentioned Bizzy Buzz Buzz.  Several readers commented on this article and I thought now was a good time to return to my sketchbook notes and bring her back for a visit.  You can read all about Bizzy in The Archivist’s great blog post here: