Tater In Vietnam!

Snuffy Smith fan and Vietnam Veteran, John Stuart, recently sent me this photo taken years ago. The pilot was calling the crew aboard their EC-47 aircraft which was nicknamed Ole Tater after Tater in our comic strip!  There is even an illustration of Tater on the plane.  Thank you for this photo, John, and thank you also for your service to our country!


Snuffy an’ Dr. Seuss!

Hop On Pop has always been a favorite!

I have always been a big fan of Dr. Seuss! I remember reading his books as a small child and having them read to me, as well.  I have especially fond memories of reading his books to our two daughters when they were young. They would often request that I read his book, The Lorax, because I would do a funny gravelly voice for the Lorax! In honor of Dr. Seuss on his 113th birthday today, March 2, 2017, I thought I’d share a couple of Snuffy Smith comic strips that I have done over the years that mention Dr. Seuss. I hope you enjoy them!

National Tater Day!

Tater Day Color

Happy National Tater Day everyone! Does Tater Smith have his own holiday? Read this great blog post at Comics Kingdom to find out!


Tater Daily 10

While you’re over at Comics Kingdom, be sure to read this blog post as well on the history of the Smith Family!


That’s right, readers, today you get TWO terrific blog posts for the price of ONE!  Loweezy would love a good sale like that…however, the owner of the Gen’ral Store, Silas, would not!