Bodacious Radio Interview!!

Several weeks ago, I did a BODACIOUS interview with cowboy-humorist Will Roberts! Yes, he’s a cowboy. He does his own cartoons that he titles “Witt of Will.” And he is a humorist who has his own syndicated humor radio show called “Will Roberts Weekly Telegram” that is distributed to 39 stations in the United States and abroad.

Now here’s the cool part: He’s not just a very funny fellow. He’s a very funny fellow who has started a segment on his radio show called “” where he talks to – you guessed it! Cartoonists like me. At any rate, I thought you’d enjoy hearing the interview.

Tune in below!

And check out Will’s website at


starts at 26:27

Wilderness Wildlife Wrap-up!!

For the second straight year, I had a wonderful time at Pigeon Forge’s Wilderness Wildlife Week! I was so happy they invited me back to do my Snuffy Smith Chalk Talk and also a children’s cartooning workshop!  It is a joy presenting to such a wonderful audience.  It was fun meeting Snuffy Smith fans, seeing old friends, making new friends…and drinking lots and lots of delicious sweet tea!


Here are a few photos from the event…

Showing the standing-room-only crowd of about 125 how I draw Snuffy Smith during my chalk talk.

Showing the standing-room only crowd of about 125 how I draw Snuffy Smith during my chalk talk.

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