Seeing Snuffy When I Travel!!


It is always fun to see Snuffy on the newspaper comics pages when I am traveling!

It is always great to see my Snuffy Smith comic strip out in the world when I am traveling!  On a recent road trip to Missouri, I purchased a few local newspapers along the way. It gives me a wonderful feeling to open up to the comics page and see Snuffy looking back at me!   It always makes me smile!  A big bodacious heartfelt thank you to the Beckley, West Virginia Register-Herald and the Evansville, Indiana Courier & Press newspapers (shown above) for carrying my work on their comics page!  I truly do appreciate it!


4 thoughts on “Seeing Snuffy When I Travel!!

    • Thank you so much, David! I wish it did, too! You can always call the Editor and ask them to carry it if you would like to do so. Newspaper editors often listen to their readers.

  1. John,

    I have to say I truly enjoy your Snuffy Smith today as much or even more than I ever did. Wish you had more books with your collected works on him I could purchase as I’ve read through the ones I already have. Really love your work!

    -Mike Peraza

    • Wow! Thank you, Mike! That is so very kind of you to say! I am working on another collection, but it won’t come out until the first or second quarter of 2018. I will keep you updated. (:

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