• Snuffy Smith

    Snuffy SmithWhen Barney Google’s adventures took him deep into the Kentucky hills to escape the law, he met Snuffy Smith, a bodacious hillbilly who soon eclipsed him in popularity. At one time the premier moonshiner of Hootin’ Holler Mountain, this card-playin’, hammock-swayin’, shotgun-sprayin’ varmint made the headlines when he vowed to give up his still forever. We’ll just see about that!

  • Loweezy

    LoweezySnuffy’s adoring wife. The only thing she enjoys more than servin’ up tasty vittles to Snuffy and the kids is servin’ up a bit of juicy gossip to her best friend, Elviney. She loves her role as chief cook and bottle washer in the Smith household!


  • Jughaid

    JughaidSnuffy and Loweezy’s nephew. Always in a coonskin cap and suspenders, Jughaid proves that while you can take the boy out of the country, you can’t take the country out of the boy! He loves frogs, slingshots and –uh– Mary Beth–maybe!


  • Tater

    TaterLittle Tater is the spittin’ image of his Paw, only shorter! Tater is the apple of his papa’s eye — and the bane of Jughaid’s existence!


  • Sheriff Tait

    Sheriff TaitWhile Loweezy keeps tabs on Snuffy inside the house, it’s Sheriff Tait who watches every step he takes outside the house. He’s rough on checker cheats, chicken stealers and jay walkers!


  • Parson Tuttle

    Parson TuttleLikes to visit his flock daily around suppertime. He has tried for years to save ol’ Snuffy’s soul — to no avail!


  • Spark Plug

    Spark PlugA horse who brings out the best in Barney. Barney hates for Spark Plug to lose a race, but he loves their friendship.


  • Elviney

    ElvineyDishes the dirt with Loweezy over the gossip fence! She knows everything that is going on in Hootin’ Holler!


  • Miss Prunelly

    Miss PrunellyThe bodacious school marm. She is sweet on Uriah the Mailman and sour on Jughaid, who gives her plenty of headaches each week!


  • Mary Beth

    Mary BethPurty, prissy and sweet on Jughaid!


  • Lukey

    LukeySnuffy’s sidekick and long-sufferin’ husband of Elviney!


  • Ol’ Bullet

    Ol’ BulletOl’ Bullet loves nothing more than huntin’, fishin’ or relaxin’ with Snuffy. Their relationship proves that dog definitely is man’s best friend!


  • Barney Google

    Barney GoogleBarney Google was ridin’ Spark Plug when he met Snuffy Smith in them thar hills long, long ago!


  • Doc Pritchart

    Doc PritchartThe one and only best doctor in Hootin’ Holler, with the one and only car!