Spark Plug An’ Th’ Peanuts Movie

A scene from The Peanuts Movie featuring a nod to Billy DeBeck's Spark Plug.

A scene from The Peanuts Movie featuring a bodacious nod to Billy DeBeck’s Spark Plug.

Like most cartoonists, I have always been a big fan of the work of Charles Schulz and his magnificent Peanuts comic strip.  His work influenced me and countless other cartoonists worldwide for generations.  Through being a member of the National Cartoonists Society, I was honored to meet Schulz in 1992 in Washington, DC and then, several years later, hear him speak to our group in a wonderful presentation!

On My Drawin’ Table…

Balls O' Fire!  That's right--Barney Google is coming back to Hootin' Holler for a visit in the weeks ahead!

Balls O’ Fire! That’s right–Barney Google is coming back to Hootin’ Holler for a visit in the weeks ahead!  When will it be?  Keep reading each day to find out!  I’m working on the strips this week and here’s a partial view of an original daily strip on my drawing table.  I draw each daily strip 4 inches high and 14 inches wide.  You can also see part of my bottle of india ink.   Barney and Snuffy are going to have a fun adventure, I’m certain!


National Tater Day!

Tater Day Color

Happy National Tater Day everyone! Does Tater Smith have his own holiday? Read this great blog post at Comics Kingdom to find out!

Tater Daily 10

While you’re over at Comics Kingdom, be sure to read this blog post as well on the history of the Smith Family!

That’s right, readers, today you get TWO terrific blog posts for the price of ONE!  Loweezy would love a good sale like that…however, the owner of the Gen’ral Store, Silas, would not!