Bodacious Pumpkins!

Everyone has heard of the Great Pumpkin, but have you heard of a Bodacious Pumpkin? For the first time in my many wonderful years of being the cartoonist for the Barney Google and Snuffy Smith comic strip, I had two fans send me photos of Snuffy Smith pumpkins they created for this Halloween season.  I hope you enjoy them!  I think they are both amazing!

Snuffy Smith And Garfield!

My contribution to Garfield’s NEW book!

It was such a huge honor to be asked by one of my cartooning heroes, Jim Davis, to draw a special Snuffy Smith/Garfield cartoon for his new book! Here is my contribution to the brand new book “Age Happens: Garfield Hits The Big 4-0” which features birthday wishes from many cartoonists in addition to many of Jim’s great Garfield comic strips and other fun Garfield info! It released on June 19, 2018. Look for this wonderful book for sale online and in better bookstores everywhere!